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WOD - Thursday, 5/16/2019

Warm Up: KB Clean Progression
3 x 5 double USSR swing
3 x 5 Double USSR Swing with Scap pull back
3 x 5 KB Clean
*Complete 100m run between each movement.
3 x 5 ussr swing
3 x 5 scap pull back..
3 x 5 kb clean

Grunt Work
Grunt Work #2 (Weight)
5 Rounds with purpose:
100ft Sled Push/Drag
Double KB Cleans (15-12-9-6-3)*
100ft Sled Push/Drag
sHSPUs (15-12-9-6-3)*
Rest 1:00 between rounds


KB Cleans, sHSPUs: Reps; 15-12-9-6-3. In round 1 you will complete 15 KBCs, 15 HSPUs. Round 2 will be 12/12. then 9/9, 6/6, 3/3. Adjust weight/modification up and/or down to allow each set to be CHALLENGING but completed in not more than 2 sets. The is NO squat with the KB cleans.
The sleds are always 100ft and should be challenging but fast.
Extra Credit
Core Galore (No Measure)
For Quality, with Purpose:
50 GHD SUs
75 Hollow Rocks
100 Crunches

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