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WOD - Thursday 5/21/2015

Cleans and stuff

WU. Empty barbell complex 2 times: 
3 Hign hang cleans
3 Hang cleans
3 Cleans (mid shin)
3 Front squats
A.Strength: Hang cleans
12 minutes to establish a heavy triple hang clean
B. Conditioning:
EMOM for 20 mins: alternate between
EVEN minutes: complete the following barbell complex
8 deadlifts
+ 6 hang cleans
+ 4 Front squats
+ 2 S2OH
+ ME burpees with remaining time in that minute *
Rx = 135/95
ODD minutes: REST.
* score = total burpees. 
You will have 60 seconds to complete the barbell complex as a "buy-in" to begin your burpees. After you complete the barbell complex, you will have the remaining time to burpee. So, if the complex takes you 45 seconds you have 15 seconds to complete as many burpees as possible. The following 60 seconds is rest.  Repeat for a total of 20 rounds (10 rounds working).  Write down your burpees after each round.  Your score is total burpees. 
Oh baby! Rich, you hang power clean so nice!!
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