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WOD - Thursday, 5/31/2018


2 RFQ:
10 Man-makers* (light)
10 KB cleans

*1 Man-maker = 1 push up + 1 row (right) + 1 row (left) + 1 Thruster, while holding a pair of DBs.

A. Strength: Bench KB Clean/Seated press (13 minutes)
4 x 5 + 3 (seated presses)

Complete 5 Bench KB cleans --> then complete 3 seated presses.

When performing the presses focus on keeping your hands in a neutral position (palms facing each other/ thumbs back, pointing to opposite ears (think: "Whos got two thumbs and loves kettlebells?? This guy!"), as opposed to keeping your hands in a pronated position (palms facing out when pressing, as if you were holding a barbell about to overhead press)

B. Conditioning

EMOTM 16 (4 rounds)
1. 2 Man-makers (DBs, 35/20)
2. 12 T2B
3. :30 KB Farmer's hold (70/53)
4. :30 KB Front rack hold (53/35)

rest 2 minutes

C. Conditioning
ME Slamballs (20/15)

Extra credit: Windmill curls
5 × 3 (each arm)

This is my buddy, Zach Filer. He is owner of Northwest Strength and Perfprmance. Zach has lead several teams to Regionals and he has traveled the world as is the lead coach for CrossFit's Kettlebell course. Every time I go to Seattle I make sure to pay him at least once. Every time I go he teaches me some nasty trick and usually puts me through some odd object devilish workout.

The Bench Clean

  • Feet out in front, knees slightly bent, arms inside legs.
  • Starts hinged at the hip.
  • Back straight. 
  • Bells start behind you, thumbs pointing behind you.
  • Initiate movement by driving your heels into the ground and aggressively lifting your chest. 
  • Fast elbows back, then punch through to chin
  • Receiving KBs will feel similar to receiving a muscle clean.
  • Feet stay planted throughout movement. 
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