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WOD - Thursday, 5/9/2019



Complete each movement (sets and reps) and move on to the next one. If you can complete all the sets and reps unbroken as Rx you should have the prerequisite strengths to safely climb up The Pegboard.
1. Deadhang: 3 x :10 (unbroken)
2. Neutral-Grip Scap Pull Ups: 3 x 10 (unbroken)
3. Archer Ring Row Holds: 3 x :5 (each side, unbroken)
4. Neutral-Grip Strict Pull Ups: 3 x 5 (unbroken)
5. Neutral-Grip Archer Side-to-sides: 3 x 3 (each side, unbroken)
6. Neutral-Grip Archer Holds: 3 x :3 (each side, unbroken)
7. Straight-Arm PegBoard Climb x 3 x 1 (1/2 full climb)



7 Rounds For Quality:
3-5 Muscle Ups*
10 USSR KBs (88/70)
10-15 GHD SUs (V-Ups or Tuck-Ups x 15-20)
rest 1:00 between rounds.


Scale MUs with either skill work or strength work (or both!) depending on your individual priorities. See your Coach for the best options. MUs can be bar or ring.


Extra Credit


MOVE BETTER - Spend 10-45:00 working on helping your body move better. Work on hips, knees, shoulders or anything else that needs special attention.

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