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WOD - Thursday, 6/21/2018

I figured we'd celebrate the longest day of the year by firing up that beach bod - and getting some sun in the process.

2 RFQ (with a light band)
28 Banded Pull-aparts
21 Banded Goodmornings
14 BTN Press
7 Banded Push-ups (HR push ups)

A. Strength: Bench Press (10:00)
Build to a heavy triple

B. Conditioning

"Beach Bod"

In teams of 3,
20 min Amrap (1:2)
10 Bench Press (185/115) (Should go unbroken first couple of rounds ~60% of 1RM)
100m KB Front-rack Carry (53s/35)

* Partner 1 completes a full round then partner 2 follows. When partner 2 finished then partner 3 follows. Continue cycling through for 20 mins.

There will always be a partner at the "spotter station." 

Extra Credit: Suns out. Guns out. (8:00)

3 RFQ:
1:00 ME Banded Triceps Extensions
1:00 ME Alt DB Hammer Curls
1:00 Rest

When you've been coming to class consistently and you can't believe your gainz.

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