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WOD - Thursday, 6/28/2018

2 RFQ:
15/12 Cal Row
10-15 Push-ups
30 Hollow Rocks

A. Strength: Bench Press / Single-Arm Ring Rows (20:00)
5 x 4 @85% of your 1RM*

*Complete 12 Single-Arm ring rows after each working set (6/6)

B. Conditioning
ME Cal Row/Bike*
*Every 2:00, starting at 2:00
10 Ring dips (15 HR Push ups)
5 Burpee Pull ups (5 Burpee ring rows)

Score is total Calories.

Extra Credit 2: Mobility
Dedicate some time to recover! Stretch, mash, roll out, etc. Spend extra time on any areas that feel extra sticky.

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