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WOD - Thursday, 6/30/2016

The Battle of the Bastards

WU. (10 minutes)

hip, shoulder mobility



5 Cal row

5 KBs

5 Burpee pull ups

5 Wallballs

A. Conditioning

"The Battle of the Bastards"

2 Rounds for time

50 Cal row

50 KBs (53/35)

50 Burpee pull ups

50 Wallballs

Time cap: 45 min

If there are not enough rowers you may switch the Burpee pullups and the row.  Also, you can substitute the 50 cals for a run around the block. 

When you check the WOD, then recheck it, hoping you misread it...

And then when it hits you. It is, in fact, 100 total burpee pull ups. 

Don't worry. You'll be fine. Love you!

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