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WOD - Thursday, 6/4/2015

Barbell Complex, wallballs and an airdyne finisher

Hip and shoulder mobility
work on movements and progression of the complex in today's strength portion (with an empty bar).
A. Strength/Skill: Work up to a heavy clean barbell complex (20 mins to go AHAP)
1 clean (full)
1 Hang clean (full)
2 Front squats
2 Push jerks
2 back squats
B. Conditioning: AMRAP 4 minutes
*10 T2B every time the ball is dropped
C. Finisher:
1/2 TABATA: max calories airdyne 
As a class, everyone will take a turn at a 1/2 TABATA on the airdyne. Cheer on your classmates as they make there way to hell and back.
(score to beat: 46 cals - Abe Franco)
My reaction to any mention of the word "airdyne."
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