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WOD - Thursday, 7/12/2018


2 RFQ:

25ft. 100ft KB Waiter and suitcase carry

2 Dead hang to inverted

25ft. Monster Crawl

3 Turkish sit-ups (Light KB)

5 Z Presses (light KB)

Use this warm up to A) prepare your body for the workout and B) experiment with the movements and appropriate weights for you to use during Part A.

A. Core/Shoulder Strength/Stability/Overall Badassary
5 RFQ:
100ft KB Waiter and suitcase carry (one hand overhead (waiter carry) and one hand suitcase carry, switch at 50ft)
7 Dead hang to inverted (scale with ST2B)
100ft Monster Crawl
7 Turkish sit-ups (Light KB)
10 Z Presses (light KB)

Time cap: 30:00

We are doing this workout because it is an exceptional group of movements that will improve and strengthen shoulder stability while giving your core a workout you will benefit a great deal from. This training day might not look as exciting on paper as many of the workouts we do at CFCI but the long term benefits from this day’s program will go a long way. And, you'll feel JACKED AF.

Extra Credit 1: Bench press (During class if you finish Part A early!)
3-5 x 5 @75%

Extra Credit 2: KB Swings

50 Unbroken.

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