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WOD - Thursday, 7/19/2018

Quick! Get to the choppa!!!

3 RFQ:
200m run
1-2 Rope Climbs*

*Wear high socks, long pants, and/or knee sleeves as a protection against that nasty rope burn.

A. Skill/Turkish Get Ups (10:00)
3 x 3/3, AHAP
(3 reps non-dominant arm / 3 reps dominant arm = 1 set)

B. Conditioning
“Quick! Get to the Choppa!!!”
For Time:
Buy in: 400m run + 1 Rope Climb
Cal Row/Cal Bike


Cash out: 400m run + 1 Rope Climb

Time Cap: 20:00

Extra Credit: DB Lateral Raises
4 x ME. Use a weight that allows you to perform 10-20 reps per set.

For obvious reasons.

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