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WOD - Thursday, 7/5/18

Had so much fun during out "Bring you Friend for FREE-dom" WOD yesterday. We hope you had the best day and thank you for spending your Independence day with us!!

Now lets undo all that partying.... T.T




A. Strength: KB/DB Rows (9:00)

3-4 x 10, AHAP

B. Conditioning

EMOTM 20 (5 rounds)
1. 15/12 Cal Row/Bike
2. 10 T2B
3. :30 KB Farmer's hold (70/53)
4. :30 KB Front rack hold (53/35)

rest 2 minutes

C. Muscle endurance/Pump
1:00 ME Push ups
Record total push ups.

Extra Credit: Mobility

Spend some time tending to your body. Lets get yourself feeling fresh.

Going to the gym on July 5th like...

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