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WOD - Thursday, 7/7/2016


Shoulder mobilty



5 pull ups

5 push ups (5 seconds down, 5 second hold at "bottom" - chest 1 centimeter off the ground)

A. Strength: Pull ups/Bench press (18 minutes)

5 x

Pull ups:

5 Strict Pull-ups w/ a 10 second hold on the final rep


10 reps, hold each rep for 5 seconds at the bottom (touching your chest, still engaged).

I want you to get all 10 reps every set. You can adjust the weight each set. Record the average weight across the 5 sets. A 0 will be factored into your average for any set that isnt the full 10 reps. Choose wisely.

1 minute rest between sets

B. Conditioning:


15 Box jumps

5 Burpee bar muscle ups (scale to burpee + 3 pull ups)

rest exactly 3 minutes



10 Slamballs (30/20)

20 Weight sit ups (use the slamball)

Extra Credit: Do the W.O.W.

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that it reaffirms my tragic love (a.k.a. "addiction") for the internet. Unproductive as it may be, at least I know my love is not unrequited. This is special.

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