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WOD - Thursday, 8/18/2016

Mobility: Shoulders/shoulder cuff, hips


2 rounds not for time:

25ft HS walk, (Scale = :20 HS hold or :30 straight arm plank hold)

20 Banded pull aparts,

10 Ring rows

A. Strength: Bench press (17 minutes)

4 x 6 @78%

Between each working set complete a set of ME strict pull ups.

record the 78% and total pull ups

B. Accessory: Push ups (3 minutes)

AMRAP 3 minutes

Push ups.

Crush this.

C. Conditioning

"Surfer on Acid"*

3 Rounds for time:

400m run

21 burpees

This is meant to be fast.

Time cap: 13 minutes

*I did not name this workout.

Extra Credit: Sexy six-pack stuff, baby!

4 rounds for quality and quantity:

ME V-ups

ME lateral knee raises (controlled tempo)

Here's my "Surfer on Acid" lolz

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