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WOD - Thursday, 8/2/2018

3 RFQ:
50ft. Inch worm
50ft. Crab walk
50ft. Burpee-broad jump
:20 Handstand hold

A. Strength: KB Rows/Dumbbell Curls (Superset) (10:00)
4 Rounds for quality
KB Bent-over rows x 10-20, AHAP
DB Curls x 10 - 20, AHAP

Who doesn't like a pump!? For those who are fresh, they will have an opportunity to get those arms stronger. And stronger arms mean better lifts and gymnastics.
Have fun here.


B. Conditioning:
EMOTM 25 minutes (5 sets)
1. 15/12 cal Bike/Row
2. 20 lateral box step ups (10/10, 24"/20")
3. 5 Sandbag cleans (100/70)/15 Slamballs (30/20)
4. 1 Bill Murray
5. Rest. (you might be coming in from the Bill Murray run)

The lateral box step up:
Instead of facing the box as you would in a traditional box step up, here, you will be perpendicular to the box and you’ll step up sideways. For today, I want athletes doing all 10 on one leg then 10 on the other. No alternating. My guess this will be the sneakiest station for many athletes. This is a great movement to engage the adductor and abductor muscles.

Extra Credit: Mobility

Take up to 45 minutes getting your body feeling gooood.

Coach's Notes

In today's conditioning piece, I’m looking for row/bike and sandbag/slamballs station to take between :30-:45. Hoping the BM run is a minute-ish. The rest is important here because I want the athletes recovering before they get back to the next station. Each station should be scaled accordingly. There are two ways to attack today's workout - I’m OK with either one depending on the athlete. Option one is to attack each station hard - completing each task AFAP. I love this option should be encouraged for competitive athletes or anyone wanting this to be on the grosser side. Another option, which also has its merits, is to cruise through it - Trying to complete the stations with :15 seconds or so to spare. This option is good for newbs, and athletes looking for more of a recovery day. You’ll have to use your coach’s judgement here a little. Athlete and fresh = go hard. Needing to recover, newb or not that competitive = pace. For this reason, I intentionally didn’t make this a “scored” workout. Instead, I want all movements deliberate, mindful and quality.

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