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WOD - Thursday, 8/25/2016

Mobility: Shoulders/rotator cuff stuff, hips, knees, ankles



strict "Cindy"

A. Strength: Bench and Pull ups (15 minutes)

3 Rounds of "Lynne"

Score will equal total reps bench/total reps pull ups

1 round of "Lynne" =

Bench press: 1xME @body weight

pull ups: 1xME

rest as needed as long as you finish within the time limit.

B. Conditioning: Running (20 minutes)

5 rounds, each for time

In a 4 minute window complete

400m run AFAP. Rest the remaining time.

Extra Credit:

Do the W.O.W.

That feeling you get after an awesome, bro-out bench sesh

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