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WOD - Thursday, 9/23/2015

WU. Barbell Complex:
With an empty barbell perform the following complex twice, resting 30 seconds between sets
5 Clean pulls
4 Power cleans
3 Front squats
2 Strict presses 
1 Jerk
x 2
A. Strength: Power clean and jerk complex:
15 minutes to establish a heavy complex of:
2 power cleans (touch and go) + 1 jerk
B. Conditioning:
In honor of Coach Selfie Skot turning 30 we will be doing:
30 Clean and jerks for time; better known as "Grace"
Rx = 135/95
Time cap: 10 minutes
"Grace" is a bench mark workout. Rx it and if your time is good enough you might be immortalized on our leader board.
I know what all you Yom Kippurers are doing.
Happy birthday Coach Selfie Skot!
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