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WOD - Tuesday, 1/16/2018


3 RFQ:

7 T2B

7 Ring rows

14 Lunges (alternating, 7/7)

A. Strength: Weighted pull ups (7:00)
Work up to a heavy triple. Try to beat the triple you hit on 1/6/2017

B. Conditioning:
EMOTM: 25 min (5 rounds)

  1. 15 GHD SU (Scale = 15 T2B)
  2. 12 Box Jumps
  3. 15/10 Cal Bike (row if bike unavailable)
  4. 12 Burpees
  5. Rest

Extra Credit: Mobility

Help yourself move better by working on your range of motion. Focus on any troublesome or limiting joints.

Coach Elie in the middle of this WOD....

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