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WOD - Tuesday, 1/19/2016

WU. shoulder and hip mobility
3 High hang power snatches
3 Power snatches
3 Snatch balances
3 Snatches
A. Strength: Snatch complex (15 minutes)
Build to a heavy but doable working weight and repeat for three sets. 
1 power snatch + 2 snatch balances + 1 snatch
In this complex, you may drop the bar after the second snatch balance and reset for the last snatch.
B. Conditioning
EMOTM 21 min, alternating stations (7 rounds)
1. Row 15/12 calories
2. 5 Power snatches (95/65)
3. 7 Burpee box jumps
Coach Elie demonstrates how short shorts should be. 
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