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WOD - Tuesday, 10/2/2018

10 Star Plank Rotations (5/5)
12 Half Kneeling KB Lift and Choppers (6/6)

A. Strength: Sumo Deadlift (15:00)
3 x 5 @65% of your 1RM Conventional DL

B. Conditioning
5 Rounds for quality, with purpose:
5 KBs (USSR)
5 KB Sumo Deadlifts
5 KB Cleans (right)
5 KBs (USSR)
5 KB Sumo Deadlifts
5 KB Cleans (Left)
100m run


Rx = 70/53

Time Cap: 15:00

Extra Credit: Supported DB Rows/Side Planks
5 x 8-12, each hand
Hold :60 side plank after each set (:30R/30L)


Supported DB Rows
Perform today’s Supported DB Row by holding a plank with one hand on a Parallette, complete DB rows with the other hand.

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