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WOD - Tuesday, 10/23/2018


3 RFQ:

10 Alt. DB Hang Snatches* (5/5, light)

25 Ft Handstand walk (50ft Bear Crawl)

40 Double Unders (Rx = Unbroken)

A. Strength: Presses & Jerks
Build to a heavy complex of:
3 Strict Presses + 2 Push Presses + 3 Jerks

Coach's Notes:

Butt Back!

I'm seeing too many athletes catching their push jerks with their hips straight under their shoulders giving them that awkward overhead position. When receiving a Push Jerk, send your butt back. when sending your butt back, remember to also push the bar up and a slightly back (so its over the center of you feet) so you can achieve a well-balanced and strong overhead position.

If mobility is an issue a wider grip might help.

B. Conditioning
8 DB Hang Snatches* (4/4, 50/35)
12 Cal Row

*The DB Hang Snatch is the same as a DB Snatch but stop before it touches the ground (at or above the knee) as though it was a hang snatch with a barbell. Athletes who usually transfer the DB on the ground will have trouble today. They just might have to learn the DB transfer….

Extra Credit: Pump Stuff

1:00 ME Push ups (hands on DBs)
1:00 ME Alt DB Hammer Curls (pick a weight you can move for the entire minute)
1:00 Rest

Going home after a good leg day.

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