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WOD - Tuesday, 11/7/2017

3 Segmented snatch Pulls (2 Seconds at the knee)
3 Panda Pulls
3 Snatch Balances
3 Hang snatches

A. Strength: Snatch Complex (15 minutes)
Build to a heavy complex of
1 Segmented snatch pull (2 Seconds at the knee) + 1 Hang snatch + 1 Snatch
If you miss three times drop down 10% and stay there. The goal today isnt to go too heavy to goal here is to iron out this movement and get comfortable pulling and dropping under the bar.

B. Conditioning

Upside Down Hellen" aka "RIP Hellen"

3 Rounds for time

21 Pull ups

21 T2B

400m run

Time Cap: 15 Minutes

Extra Credit: Planks

5 x

1 Min on / 1 min off. Add weight if possible

I will continue to post planks until I know everyone respects these.

When the WOD is posted late.

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