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WOD - Tuesday, 2/23/2016

WU. Snatch complex (with an empty bar)
3 High hang power snatches
3 Hang muscle snatches
3 Hang power snatches
3 Power snatches
x 3
A. Strength: Power snatch (cycling)
EMOTM for 12 minutes
mins 1-3: 50% x 3
mins 4-6: 60-65% x 3
min 7-8: 65-70% x 3 
mins 9-10: 75-80% x 3
mins 11-12: 85%+ x 3 
The goal is to make all reps touch-and-go. Try to be smooth both up and on the way down. 
Percentages are off your 1RM power snatch
B. Conditioning: (15 minutes, 12 working)
3 Hang power snatches (115/75)
6 Box jumps (jump up, step down)
9 Ring dips
Rest 1 minute
repeat x4 
Score each round individually. Try to keep your pace intense yet consistent. 
Coach Elie shows us the appropriate face for hitting an ugly, but heavy, touch-and-go snatch triple. 
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