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WOD - Tuesday, 4/2/2019

500m Row

Directly into

Power Clean Warm-Up
With an empty bar or PVC:
4 Hang muscle cleans
4 Hang power cleans
4 Strict presses
4 Power cleans
4 Jerks (push or split OK)
x 3

Strength: Power Clean and Jerk (20:00)

Build to a 1RM Power Clean and Jerk. We will also be testing your 1RM Power Clean and your 1RM Jerk as independent movements. So, If you hit a 1RM with one movement but have more in the tank in the other continue on with that movement (Jerks can be taken from the rack at that point).

Split or Power Jerk OK

Max Effort 2k Row

Extra Credit: Body Armor #2
3 RFQ:
25 Banded Good-mornings
20 GHDs
50ft KB FR Carry
25ft HS Walk (:15 HS Hold)
Rest 2:00 between rounds

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