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WOD - Tuesday, 4/23/2019

DB Warm Up #1
3RFQ, with one DB:
16 DB Over head Lunges (Alternate, 8/8)
12 DB Snatches (Alternate, 6/6)
8 Single Arm DB Thrusters (4R/4L)

Deadlift (1-3 x 3 @80% )
Theres only 10 minutes allotted for this section so you may only get one set in at your working weight. Fret not! You will be getting plenty of volume in the conditioning piece!
If you really want to get in more heavy lifting make sure you come early to class so you can get enough warm up time to go right at it.

Metcon (No Measure)
EMOTM 25 (5 rounds)
5 Deadlifts (@65% of your 1RM)
1. 20 Medball USSR Twists (20/14, 10 each side)
2. 10 Strict HSPU
3. 8 DB Snatches (4/4, alt., 70/50) + 25 4. Double Unders
5. Rest
YES! 70# DBs.

Extra Credit
Hip Thrusters/Single -Arm KB Press (5 x 10 )
5 set of 10, each movement, both arms. For the Hip Thrusts go AHAP.

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