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WOD - Tuesday, 4/24/2018

WU: Snatch technique
With a PVC or empty barbell
4 High Hang Muscle Snatches
4 Hang Power Snatches
4 Sott’s presses
4 Snatches
x 3

A. Strength/Hypertrophy: Bench press/Strict Pull ups (15:00)
5 x 8 @65%
11 Strict pull ups after each set

B. Conditioning:
20/16 Cal row
15 Ring Dips (25 HR Push ups)
20 Single-Arm DB Hang Power Clean and Jerks (50/35, Alternate hands every 5. Same movement as 18.1)

Extra Credit 1: Kneeling KB one-arm strict press
4 x 10-15, each side
*Kneeling on left knee, left arm presses, vice versa

Extra Credit 2: Straight-arm Banded Lat Pull downs/DB Tri extensions (Super set)
4 x 10-15 (Both movements)

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