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WOD - Tuesday, 5/22/2018

The Microwave
Every :30 x 8 (4:00)
5 KBs (USSR, med weight) + 4 Burpees

A. Strength: Deadlift (15:00)
Build up to a heavy triple

B. Conditioning: (18:00)
4 rounds of:
AMRAP 3/ 2:00 rest between round:

3 Deadlifts (315/205)*
3 Wall Walks
9 KBS (USSR, 70/53)
15 V-Ups

*This weight should not exceed 85% of the triple you hit in part A.

Extra Credit: Planks (9 minutes)
5 x
1 min on / 1 min off.
Add weight if able, more than last time.

When you've been a fat lard all weekend and now its time to get back to the gym.

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