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WOD - Tuesday, 5/29/2019


3 RFQ:
15 Slamballs
45 Single/Double unders (first 2 rounds everyone does single unders. 3rd round dubs)

A. Strength: Romanian Deadlift (17 minutes)

4 x 10 @50% of DL 1RM

B. Conditioning (14 minutes)

"Fake Annie"

For time:

10-20-30-40-50 of:

Double Unders (singles x 2)


Time Cap: 14 minutes

Extra Credit: Spend some extra time on mobility/stretching/mashing....

Today is a nice day to focus on the importance of "recovery." Let's pay close attention to what we eat today and how it might effect our recovery. Is this food something speeding your recovery or slowing it down?

If you can, shoot for those nutrient rich foods. They'll offer the biggest bang for the buck of macros and micros (vitamins and minerals) and speed your body's recovery from the battering it took today.

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