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WOD - Tuesday, 5/8/2018



Shoulder prep


3 RFQ:

200m run

10 Ring rows

10 Push ups

1 Wallwalk

A. Strength: Bench Press/Pull Ups (25:00)

5 Rounds for reps:
ME Body-weight Bench Press (Scale = 90%, 75%, 50% of your body weight)
ME Pull-Ups (Scale = banded, jumping, ring rows)

Rest 3:00 between rounds.

This is NOT for time. Make sure you rest enough between rounds to give yourself a chance to [almost] fully recover. This is for Max Reps so go until you want your mommy...then give me more 10 more.

Record reps for each movement each round and total reps for each movement.

Time Cap: 25 minutes

B. Conditioning (10 minutes)

1k row for time.

2 heats, 5:00 cap/heat.

If capped record total meters at 5:00.
Focus on pacing (tempo) and breathing. One thousand meters is a long time to hold your breath.

Extra Credit 1: Muscle up technique.

Rx athletes:

  • Work on the skills that build a successful muscle up. Fight the urge to do movements that cause muscle fatigue and instead work on skills. Mainly, the transition, false-grip timed holds/false-grip pull ups/false-grip ring rows, banded MUs, Russian dips, etc.

Scaled athletes (If you don't (yet) have +10 ring dips and +10 strict pull ups):

  • KB bent over rows (3 x ME, AHAP - at least 10 reps, no more than 20) 
  • Push ups 3 x ME, Banded then not banded drop sets if you're feeling spicy. 

Extra Credit 2: Do the (new) W.O.W.

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