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WOD - Tuesday, 7/5/2016

WU: (8 minutes)

1. 5x3 Sotts Press off the back (with an empty bar, training bar or PVC)

2. Muscle Snatch + Tall Snatch → 3 x (3+3) → Keep it light and focus on technique

A. Strength: 3 Position Snatch (Floor, Knee, Mid-thigh) (17 minutes)

Within the 17 minutes, work to a heavy complex, and then drop down and hit it again at 95% and then at 90%. Be mature about this and allow yourself time to do the drop sets. They are important, too.

B. Conditioning

For time:

800m run

50 Double unders

25 KBs (70/53)

400m run

40 Double unders

20 KBs

1 Bill Murray run

30 Double unders

15 KBs

Time Cap: 16 minutes

This is my new "After-I-PR" move.

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