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WOD - Tuesday, 8/16/2016

Mobility: Shoulders/shoulder cuff, hips, knees, ankles.

WU: Rope climb practice

Between every 2 climbs or 5 foot-clamps complete 2 wallwalks.

A. Strength: Push press (13 minutes)

Establish a new 3RM

B. Conditioning:

EMOTM 20 minutes (5 sets):

1. ME strict ring dips (Scale = HR push ups, box dips)
2. 15/12 cal row
3. ME Rope climbs* (scale = foot clamps, arm-only climbs from ground to standing, or 4 strict pullups/4 T2B)
4. Rest

Score = total ring dips/rope climbs. 

*Make sure to wear long socks, knee sleeves and/or pants to protect your shins while you rope climb

That feeling when you get a built in minute of rest in a Metcon.

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