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WOD - Tuesday, 9/1/2015

Deadlift Tuesdays

Holy moly its September!
Shoulder mobility work
with an empty bar,
3 Strict presses
4 Push presses
5 Behind the neck push jerks
10 Good mornings
A. Strength: Deadlift
13 minutes to hit a heavy double.
This is NOT a 2RM. This is simply an oppotunity to deadlift something on the heavy side in order to get a feel for the weight on the bar before the MetCon. 
B. Skill/Gymnastics
7 minutes to work on HSPUs and get those shoulders ready for...
C. Conditioning:
21 - 15 - 9
Deadlifts ( 225 / 155)
"Diane" is a benchmark WOD so go after it hard. Top Rx times will be immortalized on the leader board....
Check out J-Beibs just after he finished "Diane." I hear HSPUs are his jam and he killed it.
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