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WOD - Wednesday

Turkish get-ups, weighted pullups and "Nicole"

WU. Learn the Turkish get-up
A. Skill work: (15 minutes)
Work up to a heavy but responsible Turkish get-up.
B. Strength:
If you have pullups:
10 minutes to work up to a weighted pull ups triple.
work on negative pull ups at a tempo of 5 second decent. 
C. Conditioning:
AMRAP 20 mins
400m run
ME pull ups
After each 400m run, go for a max attempt at pull ups until you fall of the bar.  Record your score and off you go for another 400m run*  
**Your score is total number of pull ups**
This is a benchmark WOD. So, if you go Rx'd and kill it you just might make the leader board....
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