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WOD - Wednesday, 1/6/2015

WU. (10 minutes)
Shoulder mobility
10 T2B
10 Muscle up transitions
10 Ring dips
A. Strength: Strict press (Wendler) (15 minutes)
5 x 65%*
5 x 75%*
5 (ME) + x 85%*
*Percentages are based off 90% of your 1RM. Meaning, if your strict press 1RM is 100# the percentages would be calculated from 90# (90% of 100).  The weight of your first set would be 59# (65% of 90).
Try to keep these numbers as accurate as possible. Do not round up. The last set is for max reps. Record the weight and amount of reps hit on the last set. Get at it!
B. Conditioning
15 S2OH (115/80)
15 Box jumps
15 Air squats
C. Conditioning/Mental fortitude (~7 minutes)
3 x ME wallballs (rest 90 seconds between sets)
Record amount of each set.
D. Extra Credit: Goat work
2k row
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