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WOD - Wednesday, 10/10/2018

20 Hollowrocks
16 Single arm, single leg KB DLs (8/8)
8 KB Sumo Deadlifts
4 C2B Chin ups

A. Deadlift (18:00)
Find a 10RM
Your 10RM should be ~75% (+/-2%) of your 1RM

B. Conditioning
For time:
30 DB Hang Power Cleans
20 T2B
40 DB Front Squats
20 T2B
30 DB Hang Power Cleans

Rx = 50s/35s

Time Cap: 12:00

Extra Credit: Posterior Chain
3 x 20 Romanian Deadlifts (Light)
3 x 10 Stiff-Legged Sumo-Deadlifts (Light)
3 x Max Effort Glute Ham Raises

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