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WOD - Wednesday, 10/3/2018

With an empty bar or PVC
4 Hang snatch pulls
4 Hang power snatches
4 Snatch Balances
4 Snatches (mid-shin)
x 3

Coach's Notes:

Today's WU features the snatch because it will serve as a thorough warm up, and, also get you an opportunity to hone in your skills even though we aren't snatching today.

A. Strength: Bench press / Ring Rows + Static Hold (16:00)
5 x 2 @85%
After each working set, complete 10 Ring Rows with a :10 hold at the top of the 10th rep.

B. Conditioning (20:00)
Every 4:00 x 5
400m run

Rest in remaining time.
Record your Fastest and Slowest times. Push it here. LFG!

Extra Credit:
3 Rounds For Time:
100 Double-Unders (1:30 Double under practice)
25 GHD Sit-ups

2 Rope Climbs (optional)

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