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WOD - Wednesday, 11/4/2015

10 KBs (USSR)
10 Box jumps (step down)
10 Split jumps
A. Strength: Bulgarian split squats (15 minutes)
work up to 50-60% of your back squat 1RM 
4 x 8 each leg
B. Conditioning:
For time:
10 Front squats (165/115)
20 Over-the-bar burpees
Front squats
16 Over-the-bar burpees
Front squats
12 Over-the-bar burpees
Front squats
Over-the-bar burpees
Front squats
Over-the-bar burpees
Time Cap: 18 minutes 
This is a CFCI original, we did it on 11/3/2014...only it was at 135/95. We're stronger now. 
My reaction when you say "B-b-bu-but, burpees TWO days in a row?"
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