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WOD - Wednesday, 11/8/2017

12 KBs (USSR)
6-12 Ring Dips
12 Lunges (6/6)

A. Strength: Deadlift (25 minutes)
5x3 @80%

B. Conditioning (5 minutes)
10 Burpees over box (Open standards)
ME Unbroken KBs (53/35, if you let go you’re done)

Rest 1:00

16 KBs (70/53)
ME Burpees over box

Record total reps for each AMRAP independently.

Extra Credit: Planks, Side planks (5:30)

3 Rounds of planks:

:30 Right side

:30 Left Side

:30 Traditional

:30 Rest

When the WOD is posted after 10PM two says in a row.

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