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WOD - Wednesday, 12/14/2016


With an empty bar:

3 High hang power snatches (hips)

3 Hang power snatches (1"above the knee)

3 Muscle snatches (mid-shin)

3 Power snatches (mid-shin)

x 3

A. Strength: Power Snatch (16 minutes)


Work up to a heavy single - not necessarily a PR. Must look pretty.

the sets of 5, 4, 3, 2 are touch and go.

B. Conditioning:

6 Rounds for time:

5 HSPU (Seated KB presses)

10 [unbroken]* Power  snatches (75/55)

15 Air Squats

*5 burpee penalty for dropping the bar mid-set

Time cap: 15 minutes

Extra Credit: Planks (9 minutes)

5 x

1 min on / 1 min off, add weight if possible.

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