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WOD - Wednesday, 12/20/2017

With an empty bar or PVC:
4 Hang muscle cleans
4 Hang power cleans
4 Strict presses
4 Power cleans
4 Jerks (push or split OK)
x 3

A. Strength: Power Clean and Jerk Complex (12:00 minutes)

Every 90 seconds for 8

Complete the following complex:

1 Power clean + 2 HPCs + 3 Jerks

Increase weight as you please.

B. Conditioning
"D.T.," with a partner... Lighter, and more of it.
16 Rounds of "D.T." (115/75)
I go / you go.

Switch every full round. Each partner completes 8 rounds

Time cap: 18:00

Extra Credit: Planks

5 x

1 min on / 1 min off. Add 2.5-5# from last time.

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