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WOD - Wednesday, 12/30/2015

10 Push ups
20 Ring rows
30 Thrusters (empty bar)
A, Strength: Bench press (20 minutes)
4 x 8 @65-75%
B. Strength: Weighted dips/pull ups, super-set (7 minutes)
3 x 8-12 (rest ~90 seconds between sets)
If you can do weighted dips/pull ups find a weight that allows you to get between 8-12 reps of each movement, each set.  If you are not there yet work on negatives and other scaling options that will get you there soon. 
C. Conditioning
20 rounds for time:
3 Thruster (95/65)
4 Over-the-bar burpees
Time cap: 13 minutes
D. Extra credit:
75 weighted ab-mat sit ups. Divide reps any way you want. 
How bros go to the gym on bench day.
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