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WOD - Wednesday, 2/27/2019

KB Warm Up
16 KB Single-leg DLs (8/8)
12 KB Snatches (6/6)
8 Goblet squats

Strength: Shoulder Press (9:00)

Build to a heavy 1. If its a 1RM, awesome.

With a partner:
AMRAP 5:00
ME Double unders*
Immediately into:
20 Synchronized T2B
30 Dumbbell Devil Press** (50s/35s, Switch every 5)

*Double Unders: Switch with your partner whenever you choose. Does not have to be equal. (Rx = <25 dubs per turn).
**Devil press is a burpee + a double DB snatch.

Scoring is 2 rounds:

Round 1 total dubs
Round 2: T2Bs and DB Devil presses

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