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WOD - Wednesday, 4/25/2018


3 Hang Muscle cleans

3 Muscle cleans

3 Power cleans

3 Tall cleans

3 Cleans
x 3


A. Strength: Power Cleans (18:00)

With a running clock:

Build to a heavy Muscle clean (0:00-5:00) (5 minutes)

Build to a heavy Power clean (5:00-11:00) (6 minutes)

Build to a heavy Clean (11:00-18:00) (7 minutes)
Record your heaviest lift for each movement.


B. Conditioning

ME Power cleans* (185/125)
*10 BFBs Every 2:00 including 0:00
Score is total PCs.

Extra Credit: Glute bridges (a.k.a. "Hip thrusts")

4 x 10-15

Pick a weight that will allow you to fail within that rep range. Let it burn!

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