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WOD - Wednesday, 5/30/2017

With an empty bar/pvc
7 Snatch grip push presses
7 Sotts presses (2 second hold at top of each press)
× 3 (actually do this 3 times)

A. Strength: Overhead Squats (16 minutes)
5 × 5 @athlete's choice.
If you're feeling good find a heavy weight and stick to it for all 5 working sets.
If you're still a little banged up from Monday, you can keep it lighter and work on getting into that perfect position.
Whether you're going light or heavy focus on making these overhead squats as consistent and as sturdy as possible. The OHS is another movement where the time working on technique will payoff exponentially as compared to simply trying to bully more weight. When you find the sweet spot the weight will fly up. If your technique isn't stellar you're probably strong enough to PR your OHS by at least 20# just by improving the movement.

B. Conditioning (15 minutes)
5 rounds, each for time:
Every 3:00 complete:
10 Burpees over the bar
10 OHS (95/65)
10 Burpees over the bar

Rest remaining time. Track time completed for each round. Record fastest and slowest times.

Compare scores to last year, Wed, 5/31/2017

Extra credit: Planks (9 minutes)
1 min on / 1 min off × 5
Add weight if possible

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