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WOD - Wednesday, 7/1/2015

WU. Burpee broad jumps across the length of the box x 2
A. Strength: Deadlifts (deficit)
Deadlifts (2" deficit)
5 x 3 @  60 - 70% of your 1RM
Standing on a 25# plate perform a deadlift. Reset before each rep and engage your core like a champ. you can adjust the weight up or down depending on feel.  However, keep it at or under 70%. 2 minutes between each working set.
B. 2 rounds for time:
1 Bill Murray KB suitcase carry* (70/53)
30 KB swings (70/53)
60 abmat sit ups 
* The Bill Murray KB suitcase carry: you will carry 1 KB down to the corner and back.  Switch hands as often as you need to. (Please do not drop the KB ever, especially on the concrete.) 
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