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WOD - Wednesday, 7/18/2018

Vanity Vednesday

Vanity / Bodybuilding Day

50ft Walking lunge
50ft Monster Crawl
10 Scap Pull ups

A. Strength/Bodybuilding
3-7 Strict Pull ups + 3-7 Strict ring dips (whole thing should take less than :30)
Should be unbroken or not broken into more than two sets - and only in the later minutes.

Scale with ring rows and Dips from bench (push ups coming later...)

The volume should be high today but total reps (volume) should not exceed the most an athlete has accumulated in one day.

B. Bodybuilding
5 Rounds
10-15 Single Arm KB Rows (AHAP, Bent over - no hand on support)
10-15 Incline Push ups (feet on bench)

Extra Credit:
1-2 RFQ
30 Strict T2B
45 GHD SUs
60 Ab-mat sit ups

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