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WOD - Wednesday, 7/4/2018

In honor of our independence, we will be hosting our "Bring a Friend for Free-dom."

There will be one class only (9:30AM) followed by an open gym till noon. Come hang out and grab a cold one!! Let's celebrate 'Merica!

WU: Farmers & Lumberjacks

A. Strength: Strict Press (8:00)

Build to a heavy 5

B. Conditioning:

Complete this with your BFF

For time:

100 DB Thrusters (50s/35s)

120 C2B Pull ups (scale w/ C2R Ring Rows)

100 DB Box Step overs (50s/35s)
120 [Let Freedom] Ring Push ups (scale = HR Push ups)

1 Partner works at a time. Divide as you please - but equally.

Extra Credit: Suns out. Guns out. (8:00)
3 RFQ:
1:00 ME Banded Triceps Extensions
1:00 ME Alt DB Hammer Curls
1:00 Rest

Proof America is still the best!

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