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WOD - Wednesday 8/1/2018

3 RFQ:
100ft DB/KB Carry (one DB Front rack/other suitcase. Switch at 50ft, 50s/35s)
7 Single-arm DB push press
7 Ring rows (hold 7th rep for :10)

A. Conditioning/Gymnastics (18:00)
5 Rounds For Time
6 Burpee Muscle ups (Ring or Bar)* 1 Bill Murray Run (Brought to you by A&J Extinguishers!)

Time Cap: 18 Minutes

*Scale the 6 MUs with:
6 Burpees + 6 T2B + 6 HR Push-ups + 6 Pull-ups/12 Ring rows

B. Strength: Bench Press (14:00)
3 x 5 @75%

Extra Credit: Do the W.O.W. or the R.O.W.

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