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WOD - Wednesday, 8/10/2016

Mobility: Shoulders, hips, knees, ankles


20 Jumping jacks

15 Jumping squats

10 HR push ups

x 2

then, with an empty bar

5 Push jerks

5 split jerks

x 3

A. Strength: Press Complex, 2 Push jerks + 2 split jerks (18 minutes)

after 3 warm up sets go straight into:

5 sets heavy but beautiful. You may increase weight through sets. If you increase weight through sets record average weight lifted (not highest). No misses; any missed lifts (even if its the last split jerk) factor a 0 into your average.

B. Conditioning: (15 minutes)


3 Push press (135/95)

5 T2B

rest 1 minute


3 Front squats (135/95)

5 Box jumps

rest 1 minute


Extra Credit: AMRS!
5 x

15 alternating KB curls

25 tri banded pull downs

Miami was amazing...heres some footage of me while I was away...

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