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WOD - Wednesday, 8/22/2018

400m Medball run
Into 3 RFQ
5 Hang Muscle Snatches
6 Chin ups
7 BTN Snatch-Grip Push Jerks
8 Ring Rows

A. Strength: Power Snatch (8:00)
Build to a heavy (and technically sound) 1.1.1

B. Conditioning (26:00)

AMRAP 5 / 2:00 rest x 4 rounds 
400m Run
immediately into this ladder;

3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12...

Power Snatches


Rest 2:00. after each round

3 Power Snatches + 3 Burpees, 6 Power Snatches + 6 Burpees... 9 + 9... And so on...

Round 1: Power Snatch weight is 50%
Round 2: Power Snatch weight is 60%
Round 3: Power Snatch weight is 65%
Round 4: Power Snatch weight is 70%

*All numbers are based off of your personal Snatch 1 RM. This will look something like:
95/115/135/155, Or 55/65/75/85. Ball park. If unsure of how heavy to go, go lighter than you think.

You only run once each round and then complete the rep scheme above.

**Stay within your own limits here. If your technique is not good DO NOT increase weight.

I recommend you come to class already knowing the weights you will be hitting each round.

If you are sore from Tuesday’s "D.T. Unfurled," you can sub Hang Power Snatches for the Power Snatches. Speak to your coach for the best scaling options.

Coach's Notes:

You have the strength to snatch more than you can right now. The reason you're not snatching as much as your current physical limitations would allow is because your technique hasn't (yet) caught up with your strength. Therefore, you will benefit more by keeping within your means and improving the QUALITY of your lifts. Forcing heavy weights over your head will A) not improve your technique and B) Probably not make you any stronger. Trust the process. Work on technique. You have a lot of opportunities to work on strength and heavy lifts. Once your technique gets good, the PRs and heavier lifts will follow - NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Extra Credit: Accessorie Work
Pick one, two...or all three if you a BAMF
1. 10 Rope Climbs (5 Legless Rx+)
2. 400m Single Arm Farmer Carry 70/53
3. 4 sets of max effort DB Skull Crushers 25/15s+

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