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WOD - Wednesday, 8/24/2016

8/24/16 marks the 2 year anniversary of Coach Joe and me signing the lease to 2034 McDonald Ave and, thus, the birthing process of CFCI. If I may take a moment of unabashed nostalgia, I am proud of what this gym has become, all we have accomplished and how Joe and I have grown (and continue to grow) as coaches and owners. Most of all, I consider myself lucky for all the wonderful people this building has brought into our lives. Thank you for helping to turn 2034 McDonald Avenue into CFCI; and for making CFCI into a home. Here's to two good years behind us and many more ahead.


Mobility: ​Hips, knees, ankles, front rack position prep


4 Hang pulls

4 Hang power cleans

4 Clean pulls

4 Power cleans

x 3

A. Strength: ​Power clean (17 minutes)

Establish a new 1 RM

B. Conditioning:



Power cleans (135/93)

Burpees over bar

C. Core:

Tabata: Hollowrocks.

When coach absolutely destroys your grip on Tuesday then programs a power clean 1RM on Wednesday.

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